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Nancy Fortune

Adresse: Clermont-Ferrand
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Création: October 16, 2020 6:01 AM
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Excerpt: Nancy Fortune is not just a catchy name among the underground electronica activists.
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Nancy Fortune is not just a catchy name among the underground electronica activists.As a French singer song writer, she has been constantly building her music project since 1999, from the Netherlands to Vienna, Detroit and Chicago.Nancy Fortune has always been looking for new sound combinations and she’s always wanted to showcase the diversity of her constantly evolving influences.

She writes her own music and has also enjoyed collaborating with other artists since the beginning of the 2000s.Her first album, “The Secret Life of Nancy Fortune”, was released by View Lexx in 2001, and was followed by “Chrystallised”, an LP compilation released by Clone records. Naturally, she featured as a song writer in collaborations with I-F (Viewlexx) , Alden Tyrell (Clone), and Dj Elin aka Autorepeat (SSR /Crammed & Copycuts). Her name has also appeared under labels such as Ghostly Records, or as a contributor on the project “Disco Nouveau” and also on Bpitch Control as she sang on the EEDIO album.

In 2009, Traxx, boss of the Nation label, asked her to feature on his tribute album to Ron Hardy, “Faith”. She was then invited to collaborate with him on his album Circus (Lo Recordings), on which Bernard Fèvre aka Black Devil Disco Club asked her to sing 2 songs. 2011 marked a turning point as she met Laurent Saussol, a musician/producer and sound engineer. Together they assembled detangled and ordered their similar and complementary musical cultures. Recordings emerged from double studio, analog synth, and “Remain Human” was released in 2012.

The duo met up again in 2013 for a second album, “Deathwidth”. Overwhelmed by the birth of Footwork in Chicago, the input is largely expressed as for instance on the single “Driving me insane” which is an honest tribute to the missed DJ Rashad. This album is also the definitive product of their English influences like Pink Floyd, Squarepusher, The Orb, Autechre, LFO or Africa Hitech. Nancy Fortune stands the test of time and follows her underground musical quest faithfully, risking sounding less Pop than strictly necessary for the music industry. But all the electronic music lovers follow her on her path as she builds her artistic philosophy and wish to see her finally crowned with success.